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Screw this marble.

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Gabriel, aka the Trickster
1 January
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Gabriel, aka The Trickster
"Not every angel has a voice; Tricksters never stay."

Gabriel. Archangel. One of the four angels who have looked upon the face of God. The youngest archangel in Heaven. The angel who spread Revelations to Man at God's request. The angel who had enough and abandoned Heaven when he could no longer handle the bloodshed between his siblings, and didn't so much Fall, as joined his own personal witness protection program.

The Trickster. Demigod. Scourge of assholes and idiots everywhere. Purveyor of just desserts of all flavors. You may know him as the janitor, the stock boy, the garbage man, the lowly peons that most people pay little mind too, but he knows you... And if he thinks you have a lesson you need to learn, you'll either learn it or die.

Funny story. Those two? Actually, the same guy.

Laughter like a broken heart,
Labyrinth that you shouldn't start,
Here to play the trickster's part,
Breaking every rule—

"He can lead you to redemption if you'll give him half a chance. Have caution when the fox begins to dance."

Gabriel (aka the Trickster, aka Loki) is, to put it bluntly, a little bit of a jerk... But, you know, he's a well-meaning jerk who picks on other jerks, so it's totally okay. He's hedonistic, fun-loving, and has a real sweet tooth... Also, if he likes you, you will probably suffer just as much as the people he doesn't like, but them's the breaks. He's not actively malicious- even if he has a sense of schadenfreude that goes far beyond the norm, he doesn't pick on people who don't deserve it. God. You'd think he was a monster or something.

....Ignore the string of corpses that leaves in his wake. Those people deserved to die.

But really, he's a nice guy! So long as you don't get in his way, don't make incorrect assumptions about him, or, uh, insult his family. He hates that. And he can turn on you in a heartbeat, so it's really not a good idea to tick him off.

Beyond all that, however... Well, he gets really complicated. And it takes a lot to get him to show exactly how complicated he really is.
"Everybody thinks they know how this sort of tale should go; Trickster never takes it slow, uninvited guest."

Name: Gabriel the Archangel
Aliases: The Trickster, Loki
Species: Angel, using the body of Loki as a vessel.

Age: Old. Very old.
Hair Color: Medium brown.
Eye Color: Hazel
Height: 5'7

Sexuality: Heterosexual
Relationship Status: Monogamy is for mortals, losers.

Abilities: Heightened strength, can move and materialize at will, has a certain capacity for reading people, telekinesis, and can basically make reality his little bitch.

....And a bunch of other stuff. He's very powerful. It's a thing.

Canon: Played through current canon, unless otherwise specified. For purpose of backstory and because I'm an angel lore pedant, I've mixed various bits of angel mythology in with Supernatural canon and pushed puree.

"This is the song of mornings after, walks of shame;
This is the song of fingers pointing, casting blame.
This is the song of all the trouble you've been bringing,
And all the while, Coyote keeps on singing."

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